Age of Questioning

A demoralized hopeless world is slowly awakening from it’s slumber. Not only individuals, but communities at large question the once trusted religious, political and economic institutions. The awakening is manifest in numerous protests, from Occupy Wall Street movements to the Arab Spring uprisings. This movement can turn negative or positive, escalating fear and distrust; or renewing courage and hope.Read more...

A Spiritual Wave is Rising

From the beginning of time, humans have intrinsically sought a spiritual connection with their Creator. They search for answers from a messiah, a messenger, a prophet—someone who connects them to the eternal, and secures hope for this life and the next. This search is desperate for authentic faith and undeniable truth. This spiritual wave is manifesting in numerous spiritual movements globally.Read more...

War on Terror? We Need a New Plan.

ISIS is the newest face of terror, characterized by increasingly stunning and grotesque acts of barbarism. While military efforts have failed, spiritual leaders are working behind the scenes in a startlingly different vein.  Unlock the secret to defeating radicalism and discover the amazing progress bringing hope across a rich backdrop of diverse religions, cultures and civilizations. The ISIS Crisis; The Plan to Defeat Radicalism

The World is Awakening, how will you be a part?

Spiritual awakenings, political and civic protests, postmodern thinking — all create the dynamic changing environment in which we live today. How can we contribute to and shape the movements that are already alive in our midst?  Get involved.


What Can You Do? Ways to Support Bridges

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